Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
First Appearance
Episode 21

Yurippe appears only once in episode 21, during a flashback from Tani’s school days. In the flashback, she catches up to Tani to give him homemade farewell cookies since she heard about him leaving to Tokyo.


Not much is known about Yurippe since she has only one appearance but it can be inferred that she is kind and thoughtful. She is also determined as she was able to catch up to Tani despite him having a bike.


Love InterestEdit

Hayato TaniEdit

It’s implied that she had romantic feelings for Tani since she ran after him just to give him cookies. Her feelings seem to be returned as Tani thinks of this memory with fondness even in adulthood.


  • Yurippe uses a yellow bag for her cookies, which is similar to the one Tae Anegasaki used for her cookies.