aka The Bacon Hair in the Arcana Robe

  • I live in The inactive remains of the Swordburst 2 Wiki
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is High School Student (Year 12)
  • I am Male

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My Profile:

Hi guys! Welcome to my profile page. X3

(This page is home to a committed SBO2 Wiki Editor, a Nightcore and anime fan)


DiscordTag: NightcoreRayRay#9148

Current favourite Nightcore song:

Nightcore - Motto「Kana Nishino」

Favourite Anime Series/Movies:

Top 1: Sword Art Online 
Top 2: Nisekoi 
Top 3: Assassination Classroom 
Top 4: Durarara!!
Top 5: Your Name

What do you guys think? i would like to hear some recommendations or your ratings! If you want to discuss about Anime or Nightcore. Do feel free to comment on my message wall! X3

|-| Opinion about School rumble =

Opinion about School rumble:

So far i'm currently on Season 2 Episode 21. For now i'd say its not one of my favourite anime i've seen. but one of best anime i;ve seen as a high school classic! :)

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