Toki Nagayama
Nagayama toki
Age 16
Class 2-C
Gender Female
Hair Black

Toki Nagayama is a minor character and a part of Class 2-C.

In the Survival Game, she was in the Cafe Faction and was in charge of communications of the team. She reveals that she is skillful with computers, but lacking on the athletic strength.


She has two different hairstyles, one with her hair down, in the survival game, and the other with her hair in a ponytail. She can be identified in long hair form by using the fact that her hair is very level.


Love InterestsEdit

Kazuya TanakaEdit

During the Survival Game, she was invited on a date by Tanaka. Having said okay, it is assumed that they have become 2-C's second official couple. According to leads from the Manga, the couple may aim to graduate and gain entrance to same university.

It has been shown at the end of the manga during a 2-C renuinion that Tanaka proposed to Nagayama and has given her a ring.