Tae Anegasaki
School rumble 08 postcard 2
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Hair Brown
First Appearance
Chapter 28
First Appearance
Season 1 Episode 09
Seiyuu Ohara Sayaka
English Colleen Clinkenbeard

Tae Anegasaki is a female character in School Rumble to feature her as one of Yagami High School's school infirmary nurses. Other than being a school infirmary nurse, she also got a role as being one of the coaches for the girl's basketball team by Satsuki Tawaraya in the basketball arc of School Rumble Second Semester. She was first debuted in Chapter 28 on the manga and appeared in Episode 9 on the First Semester in the anime series. In addition, she was featured as a book cover for the manga as a cover page for Volume 10.


Tae is shown to be a quite gorgeous woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. From the beginning, she was dressed as being just like a normal lady you would see on the streets. Then as the anime series goes on towards the end of the First Semester, she was dressed accordingly, with a white long jacket. Lastly, as the series progressed to the Second Semester of the show, she was shown to be dressed as a athlete, where she will compete with The Outlaws.


Tae is shown to have shifting personality traits, depending on the circumstance.

Sad & CaringEdit

In School Rumble First Semester Episode 9, she is shown to be very shy and also very caring. This is shown when she first met Kenji Harima. Harima has begun drawing comics from that point and as a result from that, he was kicked out of his cousin, Itoko's house. Later on, Harima went to the comic book publishing company and saw that Ooji Karasuma was working for that company as well. Having being discouraged about Karasuma working with the company, he fled the company and was sitting alone on a swing. Later on, Tae saw Harima discouraged. As a result, she came over to try to cheer him up. As they talked, she learned about how Harima was kicked out of Itoko Osakabe's apartment because of his comic so as a result, she was very gentle and caring about Harima and took him in as a temporary tenant to her appartment.


During the climax of the series whereas the Athletics Meet was taking place, Tae was in her cheerful mood. During the Athletic Meet, Tae was responsible for helping the injured students who participated during the event (mostly the second yeared students in both the manga and anime). She is mostly characterized as in her cheerful moods during the Cavalry Battle when she was trying to cheer for Harima's team, which as a result made Eri Sawachika and Hayato Tani embarrassed, and at the same time, attracted the attention of Jiro Yoshidayama to congratulate on Harima.


In School Rumble Second Semester where the basketball arc took place. Tae seems very energetic when supervising the girls basketball team. In it, she would be very outgoing and would act

Tae, as seen during the basketball arc

seriously about basketball. As a coach, she would give each of the girls a unique nickname (not if it matters). She would also pressure the girls to be more productive to become a better basketball player. But seeing as she is a basketball coach, she has no experience with the basketball itself. During a practice game with The Outlaws, Tae was substituted into the game after Lala Gonzalez left the game to get Satsuki back to the team just because The Outlaws are owning them with a numerous amount of points. When Lala was able to get Satsuki back on to the team, Tae simply stated that she tried her best to try to make a huge improvement for the team but it didn't turn out what was expected of her.


In the School Rumble anime as well as the manga, her main role is solely to be Yagami High School's infirmary nurses. During the episodes of 1-20 in the First Semester and Chapters 1-71 of the manga, it was unknown that Yagami High School has a nurse, but from that point on, the school hired Tae to become one of the school's nurses. While being a school nurse, she has many responsibilities concerning the students and also the faulty. Her biggest debuted episode and chapter was in Episode 22 of the anime and Chapter 75 of the manga where the Cavalry Battle took place. In these kind of situations, she was appointed into helping the second year students with their cuts, bruises, and scratches from the vicious Cavalry Battle.


Acting & CosplayingEdit

In Episode 5 of School Rumble Second Semester, during Yagami High School's Cultural Festival, Tae was shown alongside with Harima inside a theatre. In there, she was protrayed as being the female protagonist of their fictional television series of "The Three for the Kill". In here, she was dressed in a pink kimono where she is talking to the male protagonist, Harima, dressed in a rice colored kimono. During their acting, Tae was saying how she has to take this job in the show because of her parent's gambling addiction. At the end of their act, Tae acted like she was about to cut of Harima's head off. To Harima's surprise, Tae changed the episode that they were supposed to one of her favorite episode, which made Harima very disappointed.


Love InterestsEdit

Kenji HarimaEdit

Tae's relationship with Harima started back when Harima began drawing his comic. When Harima realized that Karasuma was working with the same comic book publishing company, that made Harima very depressed. It left him hanging on a swing. As he was hanging on the swing, he stumbled among with Tae, and when Tae realized about what happened about him with him being kicked out of Itoko's apartment, Tae let him stay at her apartment. Her relationship got even more stronger once she invited into her house from letting him drink one of her beverages to letting him sleep inside her bedroom on the floor, she tried sexually seducing him to cheer him up while he stayed over. The next day, she eventually read Harima's comic and even commented on his artwork. She may had gave positive feedback on his comic but she eventually told Harima that she liked Karasuma's story a lot more. Harima ended up staying with Tae for a short amount of time before moving back to Itoko's apartment based on all the courage Tenma gave to him. From the point on, after he moved back to Itoko's apartment, Tae and Harima never seen each other again until when Tae started working for Yagami High School's school infirmary nurse.