Survival Games

Battle of the Classes

The Survival Game refers to an astounding battle took place in Yagami High in fall of 2005, that would remain in history as the most 'unprofessional' war in history. In a seemingly quiet town 37 students of Class 2-C took arms and initiated what historians would dub 'the most desperate battle for survival to date'. Fighting for an ideal that holds neither political nor economical gains, the students engaged and killed their own classmates for the grand prize of their choice of 'program' for the cultural Festival.

The Battle of Yagami High is also known more popularly as School Rumble Battle Royale due to the similarities with the movie Battle Royale. It is also known as Yagami High Civil War, due to the clashes of 2-C student which every students of 2-C took arms and against each other. All of the weapons used during the battle were BB-pellet guns, but were made with such stunning accuracy that they appear to be very close to real weapons.


The siding in the battle depended on the program for the Cultural Festival a particular character wanted to support. There are two main factions with regard to this, namely the Cafe Faction and the Play Faction. Two other factions exist including the Band Faction and the Bikini Sumo Faction.

Cafe FactionEdit

The Cafe Faction supports running a cafe for the school's annual Cultural Festival. The main motivating force for both the guys and girls is the fact that there is a possibility of having the girls wear maid uniforms while manning the booth. Hanai was motivated to join this faction on the Tea Club president, Akira's promise of having Yakumo Tsukamoto help at the program.

Key Players: Haruki Hanai, Mikoto Suo

Other Team Members

The Cafe Faction War SongEdit

"The Cafe Faction" War Song, or also known as Cafe Faction Internationale is a war song which was sung by the male members of Cafe Faction. Lyrics by Haruki Hanai, this song sometimes called The Cafe Faction Internationale because it's does has similarities with The Internationale. This song does appear in the Episode 2: School Rumble Second Term.

I've never feared anyone before, I've never feared anyone before.

I want to find the last battle friend, I want to find the last battle friend.

Help me prepare my coffin, Help me prepare my coffin,

Tell my father I'm a man!

Play FactionEdit

The "Play Faction" or better elaborated as the Theatrical Drama supporters want to perform a play for the Cultural Festival. The motivation appears to differ among the members with some wanting to do a Dojibiron remake to others wanting to do Sleeping Beauty. The faction size is equal to that of the Cafe Faction and is a side not to be underestimated.

Key Players: Kenji Harima, Eri Sawachika

Other Team Members

Band FactionEdit

The "Band Faction" consists of only 5 members and is thus the second smallest faction after the Bikini Sumo Faction. The 5 members of this faction are from the class band. Having lost the lottery for a place on the main stage to make their performance, they decided to enter the battle half way through, and for the main part, owned everybody in the game. The withdrawal of their team's ace, Karasuma after his failed confrontation with Tenma was a significant factor for their defeat. The head on attack against the Cafe Faction aces, Mikoto and Hanai, also proved costly.

Key Players: Ooji Karasuma

Other Team Members

Bikini Sumo FactionEdit

This make-shift faction arose when Yoshidayama and Nishimoto decided that they would let their unruly nature take over and have the girls don bikinis and wrestle each other. Interestingly, Nara was forced into the "Bikini Sumo Faction" and they entered the game as a secret terrorist group planning to use guerilla warfare tactics. Thanks to Eri Sawachika's prowess and Nishimoto's larger than average girth, the team made a relatively quick exit.

Key Players: Unknown, possibliy Jiro Yoshidayama

Other Team Members

Others Edit

These are the Last 4 Suvivors

4: Ooji Karasuma 3: Tenma Tsukamoto 2: Kenji Harima 1: Haruki Hanai