The Sports Festival of Yagami High is dominated by two classes, namely Class 2-C and Class 2-D. In Japan, sports festivals are held annually.


100 m Dash Edit

Four Legged Race Edit

Kibasen Teams Edit

The Kibasen is a game where a girl, the rider, sits on a "horse" created by three guys. The lead of the horse stands up front, and the objective of the game is to defeat the other horses. This can be done by either attacking the other team physically such that lose balance or taking their ribbons (which are tied to each girls head). A team automatically loses if the rider's feet touch the ground.

2-C Ace TeamsEdit
  • Team Hanai-Karen (Sports Festival 2nd year Students Kibasen Champions)
Major Accomplishments: Defeated Team Lala-Harry
Major Accomplishments: Defeated Team Three Brothers of Gluttony from 2-B
Honorable Mention: Defeated Team Tennouji
2-C Other TeamsEdit
Honorable Mention: Received defeating blow from Tennouji, thus successfully causing the rage of Harima and Eri's team (who later defeated Tennouji with the Twin Hurricane Kick) to reach max level.
Honorable Mention: Took on the full blow of Harry MacKenzie's kick to save Mikoto's team.
2-D TeamsEdit
Major Accomplishments: Defeated Team Mikoto-Asou-Suga

2-C Girls Relay Race Team Edit

2-C Guys Relay Race Team Edit

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