Shuji Harima
Harima shuuji
Birthday November 30 nd
Relations Kenji Harima (brother)

Itoko Osakabe (cousin)

Gender Male
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Black
First Appearance
Rainy Days and Mondays
Seiyuu Yuko Sanpei
English Jason Liebrecht

Shuji Harima is Kenji Harima's young brother and cousin of Itoko Osakabe. He also has a crush on Yakumo Tsukamoto. He also acts like a punk to Harima.

He first appears at the Tsukamoto doorstep as a kid who supposedly ran away from home, but the truth was that he had become infatuated with Tsukamoto Yakumo and wanted to get close to her. While there, he plays some games with Tenma, all of which he wins (Tenma later calls on Yakumo to beat Shuuji at Go, which he has no idea how to play). Sometime after this incident, he helps Harima protect his animals by dressing up like them and pretending to reherse a play. Most recently, we have seen Shuuji attend the Cultural Festival with Tennouji Mio.


Love InterestsEdit

Yakumo TsukamotoEdit

Shuuji fell in love with Yakumo at first sight, and even ran away from home to get close to her. They represent the Go Faction.

Mio TennojiEdit

Shuuji and Mio go to the same school. Shuuji does care for Mio, even though he likes Yakumo too, as he was worried about her when she got lost during the Cultural Festival.


Kenji HarimaEdit

Harima and Shuji are not close brothers. They live separately, with Harima living with Itoko and Shuji possibly with his parents. Even though they live separately, they do not show much affection toward one another when they do meet. In addition, Harima puts Tenma above Shuji as he was thinking of Tenma's birthday more-so than his little brother's. In turn, when it comes to Harima's birthday, which is the very next day, Shuji does not even show up to celebrate it with him.

Itoko OsakabeEdit

Shuji and Itoko are cousins. Since they are never seen interacting together or even mention each other, it can be inferred that they have a distant relationship.

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