Karen's Love, Not Yet! Karen's Love, Little by Little! Karen's Love, and Then...
Season 1, Episode 18
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Air date February 1, 2005
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Karen's Love, Not Yet! Karen's Love, Little by Little! Karen's Love, and Then... is the eighteenth episode of the first season. It aired on February 1, 2005.

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As Imadori helps her out with carrying wood bars from the gym equipment room, Karen wonders if he remembers the "promise" he made to go on a date with her. When he does, he is initially terrified by the memory, and tries to avoid the theme, but relents after inadvertently receiving another sample of her strength. She thinks of going on their date the next day, but suddenly receives the news that a last-minute practice wrestling match was arranged for her the same day. Later that day, Karen goes to Tenma for advice on what she should do, and she encourages Karen to go on her date, while Tenma would cover up for her in the fight. Also, since it is Karen's first date, Tenma gives her a set of bags containing objects to help her out if things should go wrong: one has two apples (which Imadori uses as fake boobs to fool around), another has movie tickets for a tokusatsu picture, which Imadori happens to enjoy so much, he imitates a move and ends up inadvertently hitting Tennouji, prompting Karen to open the last bag, hoping it will help her come to Imadori's aid. It just so happens to contain a wrestling mask (which Tenma had intended to use as a spare while covering up), which she uses to intimidate Tennouji while preventing Imadori from thinking she is violent, though he easily sees through her disguise. The next day, as Karen thanks Tenma for helping her out, she remembers that the one Imadori really likes is Mikoto, and feels bad with herself. Upon seeing Imadori asking another girl out, Tenma dons the mask she lent to Karen and kicks him down, but Karen stops her before she can chew on him. As Tenma apologizes to her, Karen reveals she already knew Imadori was into Mikoto, but does not seem to be depressed about that at all.

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