Giraffe's Feeling in the Peak of Summer! A Panic Party in the End of Summer! Summer's Gone So We're Changing Now!
Season 1, Episode 17
S1 e17
Air date January 25, 2005
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Giraffe's Feeling in the Peak of Summer! A Panic Party in the End of Summer! Summer's Gone So We're Changing Now! is the seventeenth episode of the first season. It aired on January 25, 2005.



Itoko is taking care of a giraffe, and using the school gym to keep it. Yakumo feeds it a cabbage and, later, offers herself to take it for a walk later that night. The giraffe, which remembers itself as being called Pyotr, is touched with Yakumo's sympathy, but soon runs away from her, remembering its master and feeling abandoned by him. This master happens to be Harima, whom Pyotr scoops up with his mouth and takes back home just as he is about to confess his feelings to Tenma. In a rainy day, Yakumo spots a runaway boy at their doorstep and, since the boy does not want to talk about the home from which he ran, she allows him to stay there for the night. Tenma vehemently objects, seeing him as a perverted kid, but relents after he defeats her in every game she proposes. Yakumo, on the other hand, sparks the boy's genuine affection, and he (who is later revealed to be Harima's younger brother, Shuji) feels indebted to her. Before the new school term starts, Itoko convinces Harima to take his animals to the Yagami Shrine, despite the high risk of them being discovered there. Truly, no sooner than the animals are returned, locals start reporting on them, prompting a TV news crew to investigate the area. Harima and the Tea Club members take quick action to help out, by dressing up like animals to fool the news crew - however, as they leave, they run into Pyotr, uncovering the deception while Harima leads the other animals away. Just as hunters arrive to try to kill the animals, they start dancing to show how harmless they truly are. In the end, all the animals are taken to the zoo, where Harima visits them every day. The new school term starts. Tenma is eager to meet Karasuma again, hoping that he had not changed anything since they last met (because she had noticed how Karen changed her looks because of someone - possibly Imadori). When Karasuma comes, Tenma notices he is sporting a mustache, and tries to see it in an optimistic way, prompting her to mumble that mustaches are beautiful while asleep on her desk, which does not escape the notice of Harima, wide awake and next to her. As Harima tries to get closer to Tenma, Karasuma takes off his mustache, a fake.


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