It's Actually The Tea Club... It's The Tea Club Though... That's Because It Is The Tea Club...
Season 1, Episode 16
S1 e16
Air date January 18, 2005
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It's Actually The Tea Club... It's The Tea Club Though... That's Because It Is The Tea Club... is the sixteenth episode of the first season. It aired on January 18, 2005.



Akira and Yakumo go on a camp for their Tea Club (Sarah could not attend since it was a last-time arrangement), and Tenma tags along, dragging Eri and Mikoto with her. Though Akira had tried to fool Hanai to keep him away from Yakumo, he catches wind of their gathering and hurries to the camp, along with Harima (who wants to clear up things with Tenma) and Imadori (who simply had nothing better to do). Once there, Harima is sent to collect firewood and Yakumo joins him, in order to ask of his empathy with animals. She, however, does not get the chance to do so when Harima asks her if Tenma had been upset with "something" or "someone" lately. Though Yakumo cannot give him the full details of the situation, Harima thinks that she was speaking ill of herself when he listened on her and feels he still has some hope. As they walk back to the camp, Tenma emerges from behind a tree and, thinking Harima is courting Yakumo, she takes on the resolve to protect her sister. Later, as Yakumo tries to talk to Harima, Tenma instantly drags her away and lectures her on how much of a creep he is (or rather, she sees him as). Yakumo, however, remains unconvinced, so Tenma resorts to using her "Onee-chan Power" and patch Yakumo's mouth shut, so she would only listen to her big sister. Later on, Tenma issues a "challenge" to Harima: she will pair them together for the courage test later that night, which he gladly accepts. The courage test consisted on heading for a temple past the woods and grab a lucky charm from there. During the test, it starts raining, and Tenma and Harima are caught outside. They eventually find an abandoned school, in which Tenma tries to talk things off with Harima in a friendly, when Tenma starts sneezing, due to wearing wet clothes. Harima, trying to find a way for her not to get sick, takes off his shirt and asks her to take hers off... Unaware that Eri and Yakumo are eavesdropping just next door to them! This matter is quickly put aside, however, when they wear the school's old curtains to heat their bodies up. Suddenly Tenma asks Harima who is the girl he likes, advising him not to cheat on her. Though this is his greatest chance, he is too shy to say, and changes subject when noticing they are running out of firewood. He goes for more and finds a rag sticking out of a wall. Using all his might to pull it, he finds that that rag is being worn by none other than Eri... whom he promptly pushes back, proceeding to leave with Tenma, since the rain has stopped.


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