Summer, Friendship, Fireworks.
Season 1, Episode 15
S1 e15
Air date January 11, 2005
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Summer, Friendship, Fireworks. is the fifteenth episode of the first season. It aired on January 11, 2005.



Eri and Mikoto have distanced themselves from one another. Mikoto ponders the matter, concluding the Harima is at the center of it all. Meanwhile, Harima changes his manga style which further impresses the company's editor. On the way home, he bumps into Eri, prompting him to run away, after which Eri takes chase. He later bumps into Mikoto, who "knows something's up", resulting in Harima assuming that they're aware of his story's contents. Eri sees them together and abruptly leaves in a jealous manner. Mikoto tries to convince Eri otherwise and takes chase, ultimately losing her, due to ripping her clothes on a fence and falling. Hanai does not know what led to this, and thus engages Harima in a fight when he comes to return her coat and purse. Tenma makes plans to go see fireworks with her friends. Eri appreciates Tenma's offer, but still shows reluctance. Mikoto then learns that her old crush, Masahiro Kozu, is in town, and cancels with Tenma, which further distances her from Eri when she learns of this. Mikoto goes to meet him only to learn that he has gotten himself a girlfriend. Though she outwardly shows support for him, internally she is disgusted, depressed, and heartbroken. Eri looks back to when she first met Mikoto, who was friendly to her despite being fully aware of her nature at school, while at the same time making her show her true colors. She decides to go to the planned meet, and finds a hurt Mikoto. After hearing her out, they mend their fences and enjoy the fireworks with their friends.


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