Have You Ever Seen One? Isn't She Cute? I Look Forward to Getting to Know You!
Season 1, Episode 14
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Air date January 3, 2005
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Have You Ever Seen One? Isn't She Cute? I Look Forward to Getting to Know You! is the third episode of the first season. It aired on January 3, 2005.

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Still during summer vacation, Eri and Tenma are doing their summer homework at the latter's house, when Eri, out of the blue, asks if Tenma has ever seen a man's body, having remembered her embarrassing run-in with Harima. Much to her mortification, Tenma says yes... But Eri does not realize that her friend is having a completely opposite idea, as she is recalling one day when she went to see a wrestling match with Karasuma. A few moments later, Tenma changes the subject by telling her that Harima may like Mikoto, and asks a discombobulated Eri to help bring them together. However, she makes an offhand comment about Mikoto just as she arrives. Due to this, they start avoiding each other. Meanwhile Yakumo guide AC servicemen, one of which turned out to be Harima. Yakumo noted that his mind is quiet. He later helps her finding the problem with Iori. Tenma tries hard to break the ice between them, but they keep jabbing at each other. The situation comes to a head when Akira comes with the photos of their seaside trip and Tenma comments obliviously on the photographs of Imadori trying his way with Mikoto and her obvious objection to him: Eri starts insulting her on how she seems to always try to grab attention from Imadori, Hanai and even Harima, from which Mikoto bites back revealing the incident (or at least part of it) involving her and Harima. Eri leaves in a huff, and Tenma, saddened, offends Harima's integrity, not knowing that he is outside her window, fixing her air conditioner as a summer part-time job. He gets depressed, but Yakumo, who does not know him or the situation, tells him to keep pressing on. Afterwards, Harima asks Hanai to help him get a new part-time job, and the two of them (along with Imadori) are employed with heavy load for a moving company. Harima, feeling his job is being recognized, starts competing with Hanai on carrying real heavy furniture and refrigerators, but everything takes a twist when their employer introduces them to Ichi-san, whom he considers very reliable with load faring, and who turns out to be none other than Karen, as she is carrying a piano alone with ease. Despite her strength, she is quite shy, so she does not take offense to her employer's sexist remarks, but keeps on considering this, as Imadori comes to offer her a hand - in reality, he is thinking of using her power to do his job without even breaking a sweat. When the day ends and everyone gets paid, Imadori happily declares that, having enough money for his dates, he could go out even with Karen... which she understands as if he is actually inviting her to go on a date, much to his frustration.

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