Mission 1: Confession of Love! Mission 2: Night Offense and Defense! Mission 3: Tweet!
Season 1, Episode 13
S1 e13
Air date December 28, 2004
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Mission 1: Confession of Love! Mission 2: Night Offense and Defense! Mission 3: Tweet! is the third episode of the first season. It aired on December 28, 2004.



After Imadori and Mikoto make it back, Tenma thinks that Harima may be fond of, and therefore jealous of Mikoto, oblivious to the fact that he is trying to avoid others to get to herself. Either way, she decides to help him confess his feelings in private. Harima is simply too glad that he has the chance to do so, but is too shy to enact a proper confession. To help him out, Tenma starts imitating him to show how it is done but, whenever she looks at his eyes, the memories of their first meeting (when they were younger and Harima looked different) seem to surface, and Harima tries to keep her from remembering at all. Later at night, while everybody is asleep, the boys try to get their way with the girls: as Nara tries getting closer to Tenma, Harima scares him off. Imadori tries to touch Mikoto's breasts, but she eventually wakes up and knocks him out. Later when Harima tries to get next to Tenma, Hanai, dreaming of Yakumo, unconsciously harasses him with such force that Harima ends up stripped naked again - and again, Eri catches sight of him, having been woken from all the noise, and responds by kicking him in the face. As for Akira, she simply sat on the sidelines, filming the whole mess in her camera. A few days later, Mikoto's birthday comes around and Hanai looks for something to perform for her at her request. Finding a flute, he remembers how their friendship started: in their young days, Hanai was relentlessly bullied and ignored for not living up to the expectations of the son of a martial arts dojo headmaster. One day, their teacher assigned Mikoto to pair up with him for a music assignment which consisted on making a flute duo act, since she was not so good with playing flute. Despite his initial resistance, her persistence won him over, and he eventually decided to make something of himself after seeing her deal with the same bullies that constantly tormented him. Back in the present, he makes up his mind and decides to play the flute for her in memory of their friendship. Unfortunately, his abilities with the flute waned over the years, and worst yet, Mikoto cannot remember a thing of how they met.


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