At The Sea, Help! Naked, Help! Really, Seriously, Help!
Season 1, Episode 12
S1 e12
Air date December 21, 2004
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At The Sea, Help! Naked, Help! Really, Seriously, Help! is the third episode of the first season. It aired on December 21, 2004.


The gang all head to the beach to begin their first days of their summer vacation. Unfortunately, it was later discovered by the boys that the girls don't know how to swim when Hanai ended up rescuing Mikoto from drowning. So what better to do, than to teach them? While Harima and Nara compete to try to get paired with Tenma; Mikoto and Imadori get marooned on an island!


As the group heads to the beach, they stay at a seaside resort with two rooms separated by a fusuma, which sparks Imadori's intent to spy on the girls changing into their bikinis, though Hanai stops him. At the beach, Eri notices she forgot her sunscreen in her room, so she returns to retrieve it. However, upon returning, she spots Harima alone in the room. The only thing is, he was practicing katas naked. He manages to gag her and stop her from screaming, so that he won't be mistaken for a pervert. Everything is soon made clear when Akira comes around and quickly ascertains the situation, though Eri is still bitter at Harima (ever since the incident two episodes ago, it should be noted). Back at the beach, Hanai saves Mikoto from drowning after she went to a deeper part of the sea so she could learn to swim by herself, and thus Tenma proposes him to teach her to swim. Hanai then takes the idea to a higher level: each of the boys will teach one of the girls to swim. Harima tries his best to be paired with Tenma, but he makes a mistake in the sorting system he ellaborated himself, so he has to be in charge of Eri instead.

The lessons start with varying methods and degrees of success: Eri refuses to let Harima even touch her, let alone teach her. Akira makes Hanai swim alone (with the pretense of watch and learn) while she sits at the sand reading, until he tires out. Nara with Tenma is the only one successful (though she loses her swimsuit and he retrieves Harima's instead at one point). Finally, Imadori leads Mikoto into a cave far off the shore, just so he could be alone with her in there. Though Mikoto tries to think of a way out, all Imadori can think of is how to get into her bikini. And, even though she is convinced their friends wouldn't leave them stranded, they have not noticed their absence at all. 


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