See and Sketch! Letter on an Arrow! Pajama Party Confessions!
Season 1, Episode 4
S1 e4
Air date October 26, 2004
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Pigs Go Oink! Cats Go Meow! Frogs and Water Imps Go Ribbit! is the fourth episode of season one. It aired on October 26, 2004.



Tenma is desperate to sit next to Karasuma on the coach when a school trip is announced. She tries to make the occupant of her desired seat feel motion sickness and get up, but ends up feeling ill herself. Meanwhile, Harima is hoping to sit next to Tenma, and when the coach stops for a few minutes, he tries to get back on before the others in order to grab the right seat. However, he boards the wrong coach, and to his embarrassment, finds himself being fussed over by a shipment of grannies from an old people's home. He eventually escapes by jumping into a wagon of pigs, and begins to make his way back across the country, still hoping to sit next to Tenma before the day is done. Yakumo leaves the house early the following day, carrying an extra lunchbox. Tenma believes her little sister has found a boyfriend, but is disappointed to find that the food is actually for a stray cat. Meanwhile, Yakumo has discovered an odd power; if someone has warm feelings towards her, she can sense the intentions behind their words. This intuition is something of a headache at school-- every seemingly innocent comment made to her by a boy has the hidden intention of trying to get her to go on a date. Eventually, however, she meets an older student whose words actually match his actions due to his unusual sincerity and honesty: Hanai, who asks her to join the martial arts club so he can see what she looks like in a hakama. Sadly, Hanai's chances with Yakumo are completely shot down after Yakumo's intuition shows her he is thinking insulting things about Tenma. Later that night, the stray cat gets stuck in a tree. Trying to rescue it, Yakumo falls and hurts herself, but the experience causes the cat to trust her more. Yakumo can now sense the cat's feelings, but can't understand them, as they come across as nothing more than "miaow". On a rainy day, Tenma wonders about how Karasuma will get home from school, and wants to share an umbrella with him. He refuses politely, saying he already has a "kappa" outfit. She assumes he is referring to a particular brand of raincoat, but is taken by surprise when it turns out he is actually wearing a kappa costume from some play or other. Holding a large fake leaf over his head, he disappears into the rain.


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