See and Sketch! Letter on an Arrow! Pajama Party Confessions!
Season 1, Episode 3
S1 e3
Air date October 19, 2004
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See and Sketch! Letter on an Arrow! Pajama Party Confessions! is the third episode of the first season. It aired on October 19, 2004.



As an art assignment, 2C have to draw pictures of one another. Tenma is partnered with Karasuma and worries about being able to hold his gaze for long enough to get an accurate picture, but finds in the end that she already has his every feature memorised. She then becomes curious about how Karasuma will portray her, and peeks at his drawing. To her shock, it is drawn in a highly stylised traditional Japanese fashion, ukiyo-e, which leaves her looking decidedly unflattering. Still seeking a way to express her feelings to Karasuma, Tenma takes an idea from her favorite television series, The Three Who Were Slashed. She writes a letter and attaches it to an arrow, which will then be fired to land near Karasuma, so he can read her message without Tenma having to go through the embarrassment of presenting it to him. Unfortunately, Tenma is a lousy shot and Karasuma has an almost supernatural ability to step out of the way. There is a silver lining to the situation, though, as Tenma's fearsome appearance ends up halting would-be robbers. Tenma has a sleepover with her friends Akira, Eri and Mikoto. Together they talk about love and the successful ways someone might express their feelings. Many of these have metaphorical names and descriptions. Harima has also heard these tips; however, he is not intelligent enough to understand the metaphorical language, and takes everything literally.


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