School Rumble Chapter 001
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Volume Volume 1
Pages 17
Release date May 16, 2003
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Plan1 From Outer Space is the first chapter of the manga School Rumble, forming part of Volume 1.


Tenma is assigned into the same class as her love interest, Karasuma, but finds out that he is transferring. She writes him a "love letter” but forgets to sign it. Despite Tenma not successfully confessing to Karasuma, he decides to stay for the year.


New SemesterEdit

Tenma Tsukamoto looks up into the sky and ponders the mysterious word, “suki.” It’s the start of a new semester for her as a 2nd-year high school student and she’s determined. She and her younger sister, Yakumo walk together to school and upon arrival, Tenma spots Ooji Karasuma, who is revealed to be the person she has fallen in love with. As it’s the start of a new semester, classes will be changed and she wonders if they will be grouped into the same one.

Many students gather at the class listings’ boards, including Tenma and Yakumo. Yakumo informs Tenma that she is in Class 2-C. She notices that her sister is nervous and asks if she should look for Karasuma’s name for her. Tenma suddenly regains her courage and finds Karasuma's name in the 2-C section as well. She privately celebrates her small victory but overhears him say that he’s transferring in two days.


At home, Tenma is determined to do something about the situation, however, she becomes distracted for the next 8 hours with cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking. Near the end of the day, she considers giving up and going to sleep, but quickly snaps out of it. She comes to the conclusion that she would rather do something and regret it later than regret doing nothing, so she decides to confess her feelings.

Tenma sits at her study and attempts to write out her feelings, but is unable to get herself write “suki” in the letter. She continues to struggle into the next day and her letter eventually becomes a long scroll.


At school, Tenma puts her “love scroll’ in Karasuma’s shoe locker. She is not confident about the scroll, but as she walks away, takes comfort in knowing that she put all her effort into it.

After school, Tenma goes back to the shoe lockers and hides behind a wall while she spies on Karasuma reading her scroll. It takes him until dusk to finish reading the scroll and to Tenma’s dismay, he decides to read it a second time. After he finishes reading it the second time, Tenma nervously waits for his reaction and he simply states that there was no name left. Tenma doesn’t take the reaction well and falls into a fit of despair.

The next day, Tenma overhears classmates saying that Karasuma decided to delay his transfer. He didn’t give a detailed reason as to why, only that someone asked him to.


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  • This chapter’s title is a parody of an American film titled Plan 9 from Outer Space, which is a film celebrated for its amusing ineptitude.
  • ”Suki” means to love, like, or admire.
  • This chapter is adapted into episode 1 of the first season.


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