Satsuki Tawaraya
Age 15
Class 1-D
Gender Female
Hair Black
First Appearance
Season 2 Episode 08
Seiyuu Ise Mariya
English Cherami Leigh

Satsuki Tawaraya is known to have a crush on Hiroyoshi Aso, and enjoys and excels at basketball despite her height. She is a very determined player when it comes to sports and tends to be a fierce competitor in general. Working with Sagano, she recruits enough friends to form a girl's basketball team, which she helps to coach, and is one of the players who remains on the team after the basketball arc ends. She makes her first appearance in the anime in Episode 8 of Season 2. For a small girl, satsuki can eat. She can devour 3 giant combo plates in the Chinese restaurant, and in the chili eatingcostest was shown to be the winner - sitting in the back rows, much to the chagrin of Harima who literally burnt himself out trying to beat Hanai.


During the basketball arc of School Rumble Second Semester, Satsuki is shown to have taken an interest in playing basketball right after seeing Tenma imitating characters from the show Bam Star Basketball Game. Soon after, she quickly formed a girls basketball club supervised by Tae Anegasaki. In forming the basketball club, Satsuki convinced Megumi, Tsumugi, Mikoto, Lala, Karen, and also Tenma to be members of the club. While practicing basketball, she had a crush on Aso and was unable to concentrate on basketball since Aso was their basketball coach. During the first half of their practice match against The Outlaws, Satsuki was discouraged about basketball and did not show up for the game. But with the help from Lala, Satsuki composed herself and came back to the team. During the second half, she is shown to have incredible skills of a basketball player rivaling those of Megumi and Aso. And as a result, she helped her team catch up to The Outlaws from the missed points they suffered from the first half of the game. Her team closed the score to within 1 point but lost in the final seconds. In the end they triumphed however, because the outlaws self-dissolved their team.


Love InterestsEdit

Hiroyoshi AsoEdit

Satsuki looks up to Aso, her senior and fellow basketball player. When Aso asks what Satsuki thinks of him as a coach, Satsuki misunderstands the question and flat out confesses that she loves him. Throughout Aso's tenure as coach of the girls' team, Satsuki becomes jealous whenever he pays special attention to Mikoto.

Best FriendsEdit

Lala GonzalezEdit

After Lala joins the newly-formed girls' basketball team, Satsuki helps her hone her skills. Lala senses that Satsuki's feelings for Aso, their coach, are interfering with her ability to play basketball, and she reaches out to her, helping her to seperate the two areas of her life and focus on the game. Later, Lala encourages Satsuki to go after him.


Satsuki lives with both of her parents, though neither has appeared or otherwise played any role in the story.