Gender Female

Saeko is a minor character, she contributes with her fair share of plot twists and weird stories. She writes a story for Tsumugi Yuuki and Mai Otsuka to read for their debate about the school play. In her play, Mikoto Suo, Kozue Mihara, and Karen Ichijo are ballerinas, and Kyosuke Imadori is their dance instructor. Although it is not fully known if Saeko wrote the the story, Yuuki and Mai assume so because Saeko tends to be dark, and with a dark and scary story, Saeko must have written it. Saeko also appears in the tea clubs coffee shop, as a very popular waitress. She serves Koriyama, one of 2-C's teachers and really throws him for a loop..


Because of her beautiful appearance, Saeko was a very popular waitress in the coffee shop.



Mikoto Suo Edit

There is a chance that Saeko dislikes Mikoto, because in her script for the play, Mikoto is a main character who is disliked by some of the other girls, mostly out of jealousy; Mikoto is beautiful and talented. Because Saeko is not a constantly occurring character, she does not have any known friends or enemies other than this.