Suga Ryuuhei
Suga ryuuhei
Age 16
Class 2-C
Gender Male
Hair Red
First Appearance
Season 1 Episode 01
Last Appearance
Season 2 OVA Episode 2

Suga Ryuuhei is a minor character. Best friends with Hiroyoshi Aso. Third runner for the men's relay team for Class 2-C and was part of the horse team with Mikoto and Aso. Seems a bit jealous of Aso's luck with the ladies.


Best Friend Edit

Hiroyoshi AsoEdit

Suga is Asou's right-hand man and probably his closest friend, though Suga may be a little frustrated at living in Aso's shadow.

Love InterestsEdit

Sarah Adiemus Edit

Suga seems to have a crush on Sarah.

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