Noboru Tennoji
Tennouji noboru
Tennoji, dancing after the athletic meet
Age 16
Class 2-D
Hair Bald
First Appearance
Plan1 From Outer Space
First Appearance
Episode 1
Seiyuu Tomoyuki Shimura
English Sonny Strait

Noboru Tennoji is one of Kenji Harima's enemies, and so far Harima is the only person who has defeated him. Tennouji, unwilling to accept his defeat to Harima, challenges him multiple times during the first season, and is often times the loser. During the athletic meet, he is 2-D's secret weapon, and his appearance is altered; he is now over fifty feet tall. He annihilates all opposing classes, except for three teams belonging to Class 2-C. Tennouji is finally defeated when Harima and Eri Sawachika use a twin Hurricane kick on him. He also appears beating up Kentaro Nara's friends in a swim wear store, saying that he looks good in bikini shorts. In the second season, he is the boss of the "Tennouji Debt Collectors," appearing with his immense size once again in the opening scene of the first episode, and is seen several more times throughout the second season. He also appears as an antagonist in some of Harima's earlier comics.


Noboru is bald (like Harima in Season 1), big in size, tall, and usually looks menacing. His signature outfit is a red t-shirt underneath a black school jacket (the men's uniform).


Love InterestEdit

Tenma TsukamotoEdit

Tennoji has a weak crush on Tenma during the first episode. He and Tenma have a chance meeting due to the circumstances of the episode. They coincidentally have to wait for Harima behind the gym at 4 pm but for different reasons. During their brief time together, Tennoji's demeanor is completely different toward Tenma, right from the start, showing that he was attracted to her appearance. He even tries to sound and act more refined to hide his gruff delinquent characteristics. When Tenma shows her appreciation for what Tennoji thought was a confusing love letter, he is moved by her kindness and takes the opportunity to take credit for the love. He even confesses to her. Despite the brief time Tennoji spent with Tenma, it seems like his confession was genuine since he was seen crying after she rejected his confession.



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