Mio Tennoji
Tennouji mio
Relations Noboru Tennoji (brother)
Gender Female
Hair Brown

Mio Tennoji is not a well know character, but appears in one episode as a friend of Shuuji's (Harima's little brother). She is seen walking around the fair with him, and talked to Yakumo about her crush on him when they are separated. At the end of the episode she is featured it, she talks with Shuuji about their older brothers, Shuuji having Harima and Mio having Tennoji.


Because Mio is not a large character, she does not have anything that really sets her apart from other background characters. She wears a middle school uniform, and has a small pig tail poking up from the top of he head, which is reminiscent of Tenma's ahoges.



Noboru TennojiEdit

Mio's only known family member is Tennoji, a violent second year high school student with a grudge against Harima. Mio's crush, Shuuji, whose older brother is Harima, makes it oddly ironic.


Shuuji HarimaEdit

It is revealed that Mio had a crush on Shuuji in the only episode she appears in. Although Shuuji is in many episodes, Mio is only in the one.

Yakumo TsukamotoEdit

Mio has a slight friendship with Yakumo, after she saved her from an overly excited Hanai, and helped her when she was separated from Shuuji.


Tenma TsukamotoEdit

Mio may have a slight grudge against Tenma, when she heard that Shuuji has a crush on a girl named Tsukamoto. After, he see's three girls, (Eri, Mikoto, and Akira) calling the name of a girl with the name Tsukamoto, so it is possible that she is angry at her for that.