Mikoto Suo
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Mikoto Suo
Birthday July 26th (Leo)
Class 2-C
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Blood Type O
Hair Blue
First Appearance
Episode 1
Seiyuu Hitomi Nabatame
English Brina Palencia
Mikoto Suo is one of the strongest and prettiest girls in school as her outgoing and kind personality makes her a very good and reliable friend and a very popular girl with the guys due to her beauty.


Mikoto is a kind and cheerful most of the time who is quick to anger when bothered and won't think twice to beat a guy up if he tries something dirty as it often the case, given the unusual size of her breasts, which seem to be the biggest in school. However, although she is cute and feminine she might look on the outside, she is actually very tough and brave as she will stand up to anyone who tries to hurt or make fun of her friends, or whenever she sees injustice, no matter who her opponent might be.

On the other side, she treats and cares for her friends, with great love and concern, and supports and helps them in a way that's almost motherly, going out of her way on many occasions to help and reach out to them.

As strong as she is, Mikoto is as weak as anybody else when it comes to love, and the fact that everyone else relies on her, makes it difficult and lonely for her when she's down, as it would seem sometimes that she doesn't have anyone to rely on.


Ever since she was a child, Mikoto was always the brave and good hearted person she is today. As popular as always, as a kid she would always excel in school as well as martial arts, which she studied with Haruki Hanai (Mikoto's childhood friend), at his father's dojo. Currently, Mikoto is pushing herself to be a good student and obtain good grades, so that she can be accepted at the same university as Masahiro Kozu (Mikoto's former tutor), whom she has a crush on.


Mikoto, showing off her good martial arts skills


A martial arts expert, Mikoto also stands out for her amazing physical prowess, and talent at most sports, making her one of the school's champions at the Sports Festival, where her class, 2C, comes out victorious. Initially unable to swim, Mikoto was supposed to be given swimming lessons by her classmate Kyosuke Imadori during a trip to the beach, but after going too far out into the ocean they get swept in and end up in a cave. In order to return to shore, she eventually forces herself to learn how to swim, going a distance of 5 kilometers back to shore; probably becoming the best swimmer among the School Rumble girls.

School rumble 8

Mikoto checking on Harima after getting hit with fast ball thrown by Tenma. She tells him to take deep breaths.


Love InterestsEdit

Masahiro KozuEdit

Being a bright student and since their fathers knew each other, Masahiro became Mikoto's tutor when she was in middle school. She soon came to admire his hard-working nature and dedication and inspired her to try harder and improve in her studies, allowing her to pass the entrance exams and entering the same high school as him. He later graduated and went to college, never knowing that Mikoto had fallen for him.

Kyosuke ImadoriEdit

More of a one-sided relationship, Imadori is obsessed with Mikoto's breasts, in which he isn't ashamed to let her and the rest of the world know about it. Though nearing the end of Season 1, during the Sports Festival, he proves his feelings to go beyond the physical level, when he sacrifices himself and takes a kick on the face in her place, when she's attacked by Harry MacKenzie during The Calvery Battle.

Hiroyoshi AsoEdit

After the basketball arc, Asou and Mikoto seem very close and trusted each other even during the match, they seem to have a relationship going and started going out on dates. In the manga, Asou breaks up with Mikoto after displaying that she was better than him at a multitude of "male" activities, such as video games.

Haruki HanaiEdit

In the parallel world story, School Rumble Z ch.5, Mikoto and Hanai eventually say their vows and get happily married and Mikoto becomes pregnant. She wishes that Hanai would spend more time with her, as he neglected her at times but still loved her. Mikoto said she felt special because of Hanai and states that she still loves him.

Best FriendsEdit

Eri Sawachika Edit

Since Eri moved back to Japan, she still doesn't have any friends, until she sees Mikoto carrying groceries and invites Mikoto to her mansion. They quickly become close friends. Mikoto and Eri understand each other well, however, they have a small fight in episode 14 of season one because Tenma spread a rumor that Harima had a crush on Mikoto. However, the misunderstanding is quickly cleared and she even encouraged Eri's feeling to Harima and sometimes teases her. In times of Harima and Eri's stay in the dojo (without the knowledge of each other) she tried to intiate things between them like in the bath where Eri mistakes Harima to be Souou and nearly made Eri confess her feelings in the process of helping Harima to exit. Suo also made Eri to reconsider about her engagement by forcing Harima to take her on a bike without the later knowing who the former was.

Haruki HanaiEdit

During their childhood, Mikoto and Hanai attended a martial arts class together, though Hanai's skills did not exceed that of Mikoto's. Additionally, they both played the recorder, which she didn't mind at all because many of her classmates made fun of him. Despite this, she took Hanai's best interest at heart and stood up for him when he was harassed by the other kids, and they soon became very good friends. Mikoto helped Hanai after bullies kept tormenting him, breaking his glasses in the process. When the bullies saw Mikoto with Hanai, they began to taunt her as well, claiming Hanai to be her boyfriend; in a fit of rage, however, Mikoto managed to scare them off by pushing down the lead bully. Hanai thanked her, but Mikoto remained disappointed at Hanai for not standing up for himself. Her anger towards Hanai did not last long, and she began to warm up to him as time passed on. Mikoto is usually embarrassed by Hanai because of his obsessive-compulsive attitude and that he treated girls like damsels in distress, especially Yakumo Tsukamoto. Mikoto and Hanai planned to start living together after graduation at the end of the manga.

Tenma TsukamotoEdit

Akira TakanoEdit

Kenji HarimaEdit

Though her friendship with Harima may not seem like a very close one, there are times when it's shown that she does indeed care about him to some degree throughout the series. It's only shown in small bits here and there for most of the series however. Mikoto is also shown caring about him when she tells him to come back to school, while he is skipping and spending his time as a fortune teller. She later invites him for tea, in episode 15, in order to talk about something, which is interrupted by Eri who thinks she's on a date with him. Later, along with Akira and Tenma, she insists that Eri apologize to Harima after she accidentally cuts off his beard. The signs of her thinking of him as a friend are shown a bit more in season two however, where she runs into him during winter break and finds out he has no place to stay, prompting her to offer to let him stay at her place during the break. Though initially turning her offer down, he later takes up her offer after she reappears asking him to help her carry her heavy bags of party supplies, and he winds up at her family's dojo where she lets him stay as long as he pretends to work for her family if anyone sees him and asks who he is.


Lala GonzalezEdit

Because of Suo's athletic skill and fighting ability, Lala seems to consider her a rival, though not to the same extent as Karen Ichijo. Despite these feelings, Lala enthusiastically helps Suo fend off the advances of Kyosuke Imadori.


Suo lives with both of her parents and they appear in episode 11 of season 2.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mikoto (美琴) means "beautiful, beauty" (美) (mi) and "harp" (琴) (koto).

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