Masaru Suzuki
Suzuki masaru
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Seiyuu Hiroki Yasumoto
English Jeremy Inman

Masaru Suzuki is one of Eri Sawachika's maids. During the events that ensued the culture festival battle, Nakamura explained that he once was in the armed forces. In South America, he was on a mission to rescue the president. After rescuing the president, one of Nakamura's comrades informed him that a child was still inside. Nakamura went back and found Masaru, whom was a child at the time.

Thinking that Nakamura would harm him, Masaru shot him in the shoulder. However, Nakamura convinced Masaru he would not hurt him, and successfully rescued him. Nakamura then told Itoko Osakabe that he'll take Masaru in as a maid.

Later, Jiro Yoshidayama, who had his hair down in pigtails, was walking down a sidewalk when Masaru saw him. Thinking Yoshidayama was Eri, he found out that Yoshidayama was not the mistress, and muttered "Oh, you're not the Miss." When Eri was to meet someone at the engagement party, Masaru went to fetch Eri, but thought Tenma Tsukamoto was Eri because of her pigtails. Snatching her, Masaru took Tenma to the engagement party, despite her arguments (which Masaru replied "Huh? Tenma?"). Eri commented that he was very dimwitted.

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