Masakazu Togo
Masakazu Togo
Age 16
Birthday October 21st (Libra)
Relations Haruna Togo (sister)
Class 2-D
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Hair Black
First Appearance
Episode 21
Seiyuu Yasumoto Hiroki
English Travis Willingham

Masakazu Togo is the class representative of Class 2-D, he often challenges Class 2-C and has issued two challenges including one during the Sports Festival and one during the Cultural Festival. Usually seen hanging out with Harry MacKenzie, he is level headed and athletic. Togo usually takes the spotlight away from his rival Hanai when he enters the room and has an irritating habit (for Hanai at least) of stealing Hanai's words from his mouth. Despite his pompousness, Togo displays a strong ability to work with all kinds of people, uniting Harima, Imadori and the Tsukamoto sisters into an 'outlaw' basketball team.

Personality Edit

Togo is very fond of grand speeches and dramatic gestures, and very often tells stories of his experiences in various exotic locations in the world, such as the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, or New York. The manga sidebars, however, inform the reader every time that Togo has never actually visited North America. It would seem then, that Togo just enjoys hearing himself talk and spinning grand tales. Togo sometimes drops Italian words into his sentences and his trading card identifies him as a fan of Italian actor Giuliano Gemma, star of several Westerns and action movies. This has earned him the derisive nickname "Macaroni". It's unclear whether Togo is of Italian heritage, is interested in Italian culture, or simply makes reference to the country in an effort to sound more cosmopolitan. Chapter 79 indicates that he has recently returned from a forign country, though it doesn't say which. His appearance is often followed by the US national anthem, because he also has the tendency to (subtly) refer to himself as an American, or at the very least, hint that he has lived in the US when he was younger.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Haruna TogoEdit

Togo has a younger sister who is in the same grade as Yakumo and visited her house once (in manga chapter 187). She mentions that she always fights with her older brother.

Rivals Edit

Haruki HanaiEdit

As dominant male personalities and as the class representatives of thier respective classes, Hanai and Togo have a natural rivalry.

Best FriendsEdit

Harry MacKenzieEdit

Harry and Togo are almost always seen together, often playing chess at WAS Burger, and with the exception of Lala, they seem to be the most serious about their class's rivalry with 2-C. Harry becomes annoyed when Togo refers to him with terms like "partner".

Love InterestsEdit

Tenma TsukamotoEdit

While Tenma is traded for Lala, Togo makes an effort to teach her how to create clay pottery (possibly due to his unrivalled passion at most things), to which Tenma, initially, fails at. This hints towards his possible affection for her. This is further supported as in Volume 16 of the manga, while discussing their job prospects, he mentions that his ambition was to be an astronaut and to have a space marriage in which his bride resembles Tenma. This causes Harima to suspect that Togo might be his new rival (for Tenma's love). But nothing comes from this as it is obvious Tenma only thinks of and treats him as a close friend.

Trivia Edit

Togo's seiyuu, Yasumoto Hiroki, also does the voice of Koriyama.

Together with Harry MacKenzie and Lala Gonzales, they formed a trio Gundam reference. Harry Mackenzie as Char Aznable/Quattro, Togo as Anavel Gato, and Lala as Lalah Sune.


"Are you ready to take on Togo Masakazu, the guy the Americans used to call the Big Bowl of Texas?"

-Togo during the Basketball Arc

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