Lala Gonzalez
Sr lala
Lala Gonzalez
Birthday August 31th (Virgo)
Class 2-D
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Chapter 60
First Appearance
Episode 18
Seiyuu Yū Kobayashi
English Monica Rial
Lala Gonzalez is portrayed in the School Rumble anime as a Yagami High School transfer student who transferred in from Mexico. She was born and also raised in Mexico by her mother and father, though it was mostly her father who took care of her due to her mother leaving when Lala was very young. It is inferred that she is skilled in Lucha Libre and that she started coming to Yagami High just because she met Karen Ichijo outside of school.

Lala was first debuted in Episode 18 of the School Rumble First Semester and was shown briefly at the end of Chapter 60 of the manga. In both of these occasions, she was acting as a pro wrestler where she showed her awesome Lucha Libre skills in front of Tenma from Ichijou's absence. After that episode, Lala's past was shown at the bonus part at the end of Episode 20 where the story talks about her living in Mexico with her father.


In the School Rumble anime, Lala was depicted as appearing wherever Karen goes. As such, in the anime, she appears throughout the anime in 4 forms.

In Her Younger DaysEdit

Lala 3

Young Lala

Lala was first fully introduced in Episode 20 of School Rumble First Semester. Here, it showed her past where she was still living in Mexico with her father. She had long hair at her young age. In this scene, she would wear short sleeved shirt with a short pants.

The Wrestling MatchEdit


Lala, before entering Yagami High

In Episode 18 and 20 of School Rumble First Semester, Lala is seen as a pro at Lucha Libre. Here, she has gotten very tall and has short hair. Her looks in this stage looks a lot like Harima when he was 15. But she does not look entirely like him. When putting Lala and Harima together, Lala does have a spikey portioned hair sticking out from the front side while Harima does not. She kept this hairstyle on until after she met Karen outside of school for the first time.

Default Appearance with School UniformEdit

After her meeting with Ichijou, she decided to transfer into Yagami High School. That's when Lala began to look throughout the series. She grew out her hair and simultaneously pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She still have the spikey portioned hair sticking out and in addition, there are some short spikey portioned hair that would pop out from the side ends of her hair.


Imitating Tenma's looks

Imitating TenmaEdit

During School Rumble Second Semester after the events of the basketball arc, Lala began to change her hairstyle again based on the agreement between Tenma and Togo. During the basketball arc, Tenma decided that in order to fit in with Tougou, she would move to Class 2-D. With that said, Tougou came up with an idea to switch Lala with Tenma from 2-D to Class 2-C. When Lala agreed to this, she changed her hairstyle once more but this time, she tried to make sure it looks like Tenma. She did indeed look like Tenma, but she just omitted Tenma's two little hair that would pop out both side of her head. From that point on, she kept that hairstyle throughout the whole Second Semester. Though Lala looked like Tenma, her hair looks like that of Mikoto.


Lala's personality is considered to be one of the most rough girls in Yagami High School. It's all based on because she is a pro wrestler and has to be very rough. Her roughness started when wrestled Tenma during the wrestling match. Then hours later on the same day, she saw Ichijou and tried to be rough to her and tried to fight her. When she transferred to Yagami High School, she was pretty rough when she came to Class 2-C to eat lunch with Megumi, Yuuki, and Karen. There, she met Imadori for the first time and was disturbed by his perverted behavior. She then got annoyed of Tenma with her imitation of a wrestler so she suffocated her. Because of her suffocating Tenma, Mikoto came in to challenge Lala. Lala then happily challenges Mikoto saying that she will be very rough at the Sports Festival and that she better watch out.


Lala works at a local hamburger restaurant known as Was Burger with Ichijou. Her experience at this restaurant is best captured in School Rumble OVA 02.


Best FriendsEdit

Satsuki TawarayaEdit

Lala and Satsuki bonded during the Basketball Arc when Lala offered her encouragement when she was discouraged over her performance. Lara proceeded to hug her, showing a soft side no one knew she had.

Karen IchijoEdit

After meeting outside of school, Karen is the reason why Lala (or Lara) transferred to her high school. This leads to Lala following Karen around, eating lunch with her, joining the same clubs, and working at her same job. She even asks for her help sometimes. She then becomes Lala's best friend/rival in the series.


Karen IchijoEdit

Lala is stubborn and has several rivals in Class 2-CHer main rivalry is with the super strength Karen. She feels threatened by her incredible strength and challenges Karen several times. Despite this rivalry, Lala and Karen seem to be good friends; when Lala gives herself a bad haircut, she turns to Karen for help, and the two are shown cooperating on other occasions as well. It really sparks when Lala hears that her name is Karen while she is on a date with Imadori. Karen is the name of her mother, who left Lala when she was young.

Mikoto SuoEdit

Mikoto is another rival of Lala's and competes against her during the Sports Festival. Mikoto and Asou's Kibasen Team was defeated by Lala and Harry Team in this event, but soon after Lala was defeated by Ichijou.

Tenma TsukamotoEdit

A frequent rival because Tenma annoys her but it is easy to understand considering Tenma can be a little stupid. REALLY stupid.

Love InterestsEdit

Kyosuke ImadoriEdit

There are currently no known love relationships for Lala other than the fact that she loves to suffocate Imadori. She went on a date with him once and didn't harm him even after calling her a gorilla and asking if she wanted a banana. She left him behind when her dad came looking for her so there are actually no strong feelings towards Imadori.


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