Kyousuke Imadori
Imadori Kyousuke
Kyousuke Imadori
Age 16
Birthday April 14th (Aries)
Relations Dog (pet)
Class 2-C
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
First Appearance
Field of Dreams
First Appearance
Episode 12
Seiyuu Kishio Daisuke
English Dave Trosko

Kyousuke Imadori (今鳥 恭介) is one of the characters that make up class 2-C and is known as a pervert for his habit of randomly attacking strong and big-breasted women.


Nicknamed the Hummingbird, Imadori is one of the Five Elite Tigers, and he has pledged to be sworn brothers with Nishimoto Ganji in "the Oath of the Video store."

Imadori was first introduced as a minor supporting character, but he came to shine as a unique kind of character and took on a major supporting role, since his first major appearance at the beach trip in episode #12, and throughout the series after that. Whereas most characters seem to usually have a good chemistry with only one or two other characters in the series, Imadori seems to create a great and enjoyable interaction with most of the characters he comes across with, thanks to his self-centered attitude and his obsession with girls breast size (D cups). Such chemistry is ever present between he and the likes of Mikoto Suo, Karen Ichijo and Lala Gonzalez and each of them is a very different relationship, which in its own creates a wide range of possibilities for character development.


Imadori is a young man with spiky blonde hair, very droopy eyes and he tends to have a bored expression most of the time

Personality Edit

Imadori is known for his perverted nature and tends to be attracted to women with larger breasts. He has a unique talent to almost always get a accurate guess of Bust Sizes. He Also loves the children Television show Dojibiron.


Imadori is famous for his unmatched ability to evaluate women's cup sizes as a measuring standard. Though in one episode he states Mikoto Suo is a D-cup and Tenma Tsukamoto seems to recall her being bigger than that. Because of this unique talent, he is an invaluable comrade to Nishimoto Ganji and his gang of perverts. Other talents include flirting with girls, annoying people, running and swimming. He also possesses skill in Basketball and played for The Outlaws during the Basketball Arc. His skill was enough to surprise Mikoto.


Family Edit

Not much is known about Imadori's family, however in one of the chapter, Imadori says his family owns a beauty salon. He has a dog though but that is the extent of what we see of his family.

Friends Edit

Kosuke IchijoEdit

Imadori has a good friendship with Kousuke, Karen's young brother. The two share an interest in Dojibiron and both are immature (Although Kousuke is acting his age, Imadori is not)

Ganji NishimotoEdit

The two of them pledged to be sworn brothers with Nishimoto in "the Oath of the Video store." also they are both the reknowned perverts in the school

Haruki HanaiEdit

The two seem to be on mutual terms, and they are seen together every once in awhile, they can maintain a conversation without hatred or such, meaning they're on okay terms, but nothing particularly bestfriend like.

Love Interests Edit

Mikoto SuoEdit

Imadori has shown attraction towards Mikoto, mainly for her appearance and breast size. On some occasions he shows that he cares about her on a less superficial level. During the sports festival, he used his face to blocked a kick from Harry MacKenzie in order to protect Mikoto.

Karen IchijoEdit

Karen has expressed attraction towards Imadori since she met him; however, it is unknown whether or not he returns it. During the school play, when Karen sang, he thought to himself how she can be cute on stage - this could mean the start of his "liking" to her. The show never tells us. However, in the manga, he gives her a promise ring.

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