Kozue Mihara
Birthday December 2nd
Class 2-C
Gender Female
Seiyuu Madoka Akita
English Kira Vincent-Davis
Mihara kozue

Kozue Mihara is the only Kogal (fashionable high school girl with tanned skin) character in School Rumble. Kozue is perhaps the trendiest girl in Class 2-C. She is pretty good in sports, thus her appearance in the girl's relay.

She seems to adopt the Kogal look only partway through the series.


Best FriendsEdit


Saeko and Kozue are usually depicted gossiping in the hall.

Love InterestsEdit

Kyosuke ImadoriEdit

Kozue enjoys flirting with Imadori, though it's not clear how serious her attraction to him is.


Mikoto SuoEdit

Because Imadori is constantly pestering Mikoto, Kozue is a little annoyed with Mikoto.