Kentaro Nara
810913-3754 large
Age 16
Birthday August 31st (virgo)
Class 2-C
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Hair Blue
First Appearance
Plan1 From Outer Space
First Appearance
Episode 1
Seiyuu Yuuki Tai
English Todd Haberkorn

Kentaro Nara is your typical high school student. As typical as you can get. The more 'normal' character in School Rumble, though recently that is changing.

Nara plays the role of the general guy in the background. He appears every now and then to provide comic relief, but is overshadowed by the other lead male characters most of the time. His first major role was the summer beach trip, which resulted from his encounter with Tenma Tsukamoto at the pool.

Original PurposeEdit

According to certain forums Nara was supposed to be the main character in School Rumble, but his plain characteristics and boring cliche look was no match for the entertainment value of Kenji Harima.

Other PurposesEdit

Nara acts as an underling to Nishimoto during the strategic meeting of Osakabe-sensei's new painting exhibition. He often ends up in awkward situations with Yoshidayama. The three, Nara, Nishimoto, and Yoshidayama, had plans to do water sumo wrestling for the Cultural Festival.


Nara is part of 2-C's 'Class of Perverts' organisation of boys which specifies in naughty and erotic activities, such as gathering information about the class's females. This may not seem like Nara, but he is actually a pervert.

Relationships Edit

Love Interests Edit

Tenma TsukamotoEdit

Nara has a crush on Tenma much like Harima. He is even willing to risk feeling Harima's wrath for the sake of her happiness. Such was the case when he tried to retrieve Tenma's swimsuit which he thought Tenma lost in the current of the sea.

Rivals Edit

Kenji HarimaEdit

Nara is up against Harima, who is stronger, crazier, and most importantly, scarier. This impossible rivalry and lack of hope takes Nara out of the competition for Tenma's love or attention. No faction exists for him either. Nara has crazy plans to get close to the girls (mainly Tenma). Harima figures out that Nara was also in love with Tenma and decides to do whatever he can to keep Tenma away from Nara (though Tenma doesn't love either of them). Tenma is in love with Karasuma, but has slight romantic feelings for Harima as she always blushes when she's cheering him on in competitions and sports.

Friends Edit

Ganji Nishimoto and Jiro YoshidayamaEdit

Nara is a low-ranking member in Ganji's Ero Society, and often ends up getting dragged into Ganji and Jirou's plans. Nara is reluctant to help Ganji and Jirou with their plans to get close to Tae and Itoko, but follows through with it anyway.

High School PalsEdit

Nara has a few friends that are a bit younger than him, though they look older. They are largely insignificant other than that they win a chance to take Tenma's group of friends to the beach. They are forced to change their plans, however, when they are beaten up by an angry Noboru Tennoji.


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