Jiro Yoshidayama
Yoshidayama jirou
Age 16
Class 2-C
Gender Male
Hair Orange
First Appearance
Easy Rider
First Appearance
Season 1 Episode 01
Seiyuu Hirotaka Nagase
English Mike McFarland

Jiro Yoshidayama is a character who through out the seasons of School Rumble, became more and more well known.


The first thing you notice about Yoshidayama is his long hair, sticking directly up from the top of his head. In other episodes, Yoshidayama's hair changes, for example, when all the boys are in the bath house, Yoshidayama's hair is down, giving the other boys the impression that he is a girl. He occasionally wears his hair in pig tails, which gave Eri's dimwitted maid the impression that he was Eri.


Romantic InterestEdit

Eri SawachikaEdit

In some episodes it is shown that he admires Eri the most out of all the other girls.


Kentaro NaraEdit

Nara started out as a character who was not mentioned a lot, after the beach trip however, he got a bigger role in School Rumble. Nara is featured in all of Yoshidayama's adventures, as he is part of his threesome of friends.

Ganji NishimotoEdit

Nishimoto is known as the Buddah of class 2-C, or, at least for the guys. His family owns a video store, meaning he can get his hands on any video he wants. He leads the other boys in finding, "research" on the girls in the class, along with some of their female teachers. He is the third boy in Yoshidayama's threesome.


Kenji HarimaEdit

Yoshidayama wants Harima's role as class bad boy, as stated in many episodes. In every School Rumble parody, (such as the Three for the Kill parody) that includes Yoshidayama, he is against Harima in some way.

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