Itoko Osakabe
Osakabe itoko
Birthday August 18th (Leo)
Relations Kenji Harima (cousin)

Shuuji Harima (cousin)

Gender Female
Height 168 cm
Blood Type A

Itoko Osakabe is a teacher in school rumble and the cousin of Kenji Harima. After Harima leaves home, she takes him in and allows him to live in her house. She often gets involved in Harima's love-life and can predict everything Harima does, to which she sets traps for him. She is often seen with Yoko Sasakura. All of the perverted boys in 2-C consider her to be the hottest teacher in school.





Kenji HarimaEdit

Itoko and Harima are cousins and they do not have a close relationship, but it's evident that she cares a lot about Harima. She considers herself his guardian as she took him in when he left his home and supports him financially.

Shuuji HarimaEdit

Itoko and Shuuji are cousins but they are never seen interacting. It can be inferred from this that they do not have a close relationship.


Yoko SasakuraEdit


  • The name Itoko (絃子) means "strings" (絃) (ito) and "child" (子) (ko).
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