Hayato Tani
Tani hayato
Class 2-C (Teacher)
Gender Male
Hair Brown
First Appearance
Deep Space Nine
First Appearance
Season 1 Episode 01

Hayato Tani is the teacher of Class 2-C and is generally a figure that stays in the background of the classes and plays very few roles throughout School Rumble.


Tani-sensei is very docile and rarely gets mad or care about anything. While he has his own opinions about other classes and his own class, he hardly ever states them and almost never does anything out of the ordinary. However, like almost all boys in School Rumble, he becomes very upset when something happens to a girl he either likes or reminds him of someone he's liked (as demonstrated at the end of Episode 21, where he is enraged when his colleague steals the cookies Anegasaki-sensei gives him).

He also has an affinity for dinosaurs, also shown in episode 21, as when he is searching his desk for Tae's cookies, he pulls out an assortment of dinosaur figures.


Love InterestEdit


Yurippe is Tani's childhood crush; In episode 21, Tae gives Tani a bag of cookies which triggers a flashback to his school days. Where he fondly remembers receiving a similar bag of cookies from Yurippe. Aside from this flashback, Yurippe is never mentioned or seen again, despite her brief appearance, this warm memory has stayed with Tani into his adulthood.

Tae AnegasakiEdit