Haruki Hanai
Haruki Hanai
Age 16-17
Birthday May 7th (Taurus)
Relations Yazaburo Hanai (Father)

Chizuru Hanai (Mother)

Class 2-C
Gender Male
Height 182 cm
Weight 78 kg
Blood Type A
Hair Black
First Appearance
Episode 2
Seiyuu Kawada Shinji
English Chris Cason
Hanai Haruki

Haruki Hanai is class 2C’s representative, Hanai has a strong sense of moral justice and always tries to do the right thing, except when it comes to Tsukamoto Tenma’s younger sister Yakumo, whom he admires (thoroughly).


He is very enthusiastic and stubborn, and takes everything too seriously. All these attributes, combined with his outspoken character, make him a true, natural born leader.

He is a friendly person, who always helps out his friends and people around him that having a difficult situations.

Even though he makes his first appearance in episode #2, his true character is fully shown for the first time in episode #4, and from then on he steps in as one of the main supporting characters of the series.

His obsession with Yakumo gets him banned from the Tea Club by its president, Takano Akira; and from then on he becomes the object of Akira’s merciless yet witty sarcasm and criticism.


Both smart and strong, Hanai is probably the best student in his class who has acheived A's on all his courses, along with Takano Akira. He’s also a great martial artist with a black belt in kempo. Quite capable of holding his own in a fight, he regularly displays his prowess not only by fighting Harima all the time but also by defeating opponents from other dojos.

Hanai has shown his talent in sports and physical activities as well, such as running, hockey, and other sports. He always put his maximum effort and energy for what he's doing and has been titled, God of Wind, from what he have accomplish in a relay track race.

Putting his best effort into whatever he does and always demanding the best of himself, he’s never content with less than the best results in whatever he does, so whatever he decides to do he does it well (except playing the flute, which no matter how hard he tried, he never managed to learn how to play a single decent note with). This includes sports, cooking and ordering people around. If he could put that much effort into his social skills, he could probably have a chance to win Yakumo’s heart.


Love InterestsEdit

Yakumo TsukamotoEdit

Hanai’s obsession with Yakumo began when he saw her sleeping on a bench near the school and fell immediately and hopelessly in love with her. But being the straight-forward, psychotically obsessive guy he is, he only manages to drive her away, forcing her to hide from him every time he comes near her. His obsession and passion of love for Yakumo sometimes gives him powerful emotions to accomplish his tasks, for her and for others as well.

Mikoto SuoEdit

Hanai then gives up on his obsession with Yakumo and then falls in love with his childhood friend, Mikoto. Mikoto then breaks up with Asou Hiroyoshi for unknown reasons and fell in love with Hanai. Then, the two began dating each other. Later in the sequel, it is proven that Mikoto and Hanai eventually say their vows and get happily married and Mikoto becomes pregnant. Mikoto wishes that Hanai would spend more time with her, as he neglected her at times but still loved her. Mikoto said she felt special because of Hanai and states that she still loves him. Yuuki Tsumugi is worried about Mikoto ending up with Hanai, as the two get along well, due to her crush on Hanai. Yuuki falls for Hanai after he saves her from Yoshidayama and gives her a ride home on his bike.

Best FriendsEdit

Mikoto SuoEdit

Hanai’s childhood friend, Mikoto has remained his best friend since then. A fellow martial artist, she studied with Hanai in his father’s dojo, and inspired him to be brave and ‘become a hero’ like her. Their relationship is beautifully shown in episode # 13, when he remembers all this before Mikoto’s birthday party.

In the parallel world story, School Rumble Z manga, Hanai and Mikoto get married and Mikoto is pregnant with Hanai's child. She wishes that Hanai would spend some time with her.


Kenji HarimaEdit

His admiration for Tsukamoto Yakumo, and the misunderstandings caused by her sharing her sister Tenma’s family name: Tsukamoto, end up making Hanai become Harima’s nemesis, and due to both of them possessing strong personalities and fighting skills, they often end up fighting over a lack of comunication. Despite this rivalry, Hanai often teams up with Harima to take on class 2-D. Harima, in one episode, hears about the play wedding and hears that "the Tsukamoto girl" will be the bride and realizes that Hanai is the groom. He thinks the bride is Tenma and then sets off to the church to fight Hanai for the bride (really Yakumo). This is an example of Harima's and Hanai's rivalry. Hanai even befriends Harima at times, though they rarely do so. Though, in the end, Akira becomes the groom because Hanai and Harima were fighting too long and basically forgot about the wedding and focused on their love interests.

Akira TakanoEdit

As cool-headed and calm as she is, the always-in-control Akira finds herself feeling really annoyed by Hanai’s personality, and this makes her always look down upon him and mistreat him. The best example of this is perhaps the Tea Club scene in episode #5, where she secretly puts hot pepper in the tea and makes him drink it, as a test for joining the Tea Club, which he fails miserably. Later in the series, Akira began to warm up to Hanai and had some romantic feelings for him.

Harry MacKenzieEdit

Initially the victim of another misunderstanding, Harry (whose name’s Japanese pronunciation sounds very similar to “Harima Kenji”), first becomes Hanai’s rival when he mistakes him for Harima and they start a fight. Later on, that rivalry is extended even further during the Sports Festival, where Hanai takes and endures the full impact of one of Harry’s powerful kicks during the horse riding fight competition. Hanai then chases after Harry thinking he is Harima because of how two girls told him about a guy with sunglasses. When Hanai catches up with Harry, he thinks he's Harima, but then sees Harima running towards Yakumo.

Masakazu TogoEdit

As class representatives of thier respective classes, Tougou and Hanai have a natural rivalry. Hanai works hard to defend the honor of class 2-C from 2-D's challanges.

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