Harry MacKenzie
Harry MacKenzie
Birthday November 17th (Scorpio)
Class 2-D
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Episode 21
Seiyuu Hiyama Nobuyuki
English Jason Liebrecht

Harry MacKenzie is an American exchange student. Due to English names putting the family name last, Harry's name can be mistranslated as "Hari-ma-Kenji". Harry appears to have a deep reverence for samurai, based on episodes 21 and 22. On episode 41, Harry claimed his father is dead. He is extremely athletic, as seen during the sports festival and in episode 21, where he, Hanai and Kenji were fighting. He also drives a sports motorcycle that is a parody of gundam. Can be seen usually hanging out with Masakazu Togo. Makes a good team when paired up with Lala Gonzalez as seen during the sports festival. Suave and a little flirtatious, Harry is shown putting the moves on various 2-C girls at different times, including both Karen Ichijo and Tsumugi Yuuki.

Harry is modelled after Char Aznable (character from Mobile Suit Gundam), including his appearance (highly similar to Char's Quattro persona), sunglasses, penchant for wearing red, and ownership of a red motorcycle.

Relationships Edit

Rivals Edit

Haruki HanaiEdit

Hanai attacks Harry in an alleyway following a misunderstanding caused by Harry's name. A proud member of class 2-C, Hanai feels especially strongly that he must stand up to Harry and Tougou's challenges.

Kenji HarimaEdit

Harry's effortless cool and athletic prowess (and perhaps the similarities between their names) cause Harima to see him as a rival.

Best Friends Edit

Masakazu TogoEdit

Whether playing chess at WAS Burger or challenging 2-C, Harry and Tougou are usually seen together. Harry doesn't seem to mind Tougou's grandstanding, though he bristles when Tougou refers to him as "partner".

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