Ganji Nishimoto
Also Known As Buddha Nishimoto
Birthday November 1st
Class 2-C
First Appearance
Deep Space Nine
Seiyuu Shun Takagi
English Jaime Rivera

Ganji Nishimoto is a student in Class 2-C. His gentle personality and his ability to make the hopes and dreams of the boys of 2-C come true earned him the nickname "Nishimoto the Buddha." While he appears placid on the surface, he is very shrewd and calculating underneath. While his warm mentor-like demeanor and stash of "treasures" make him popular with many of the males in 2-C, his talents are less appreciated by the girls, especially Mai Otsuka, who has known him for a long time. While he gets along great with most of the boys in his class, he has misgivings about students who actually have girlfriends.

He sits in the "Box Seat," having switched with Tenma (much to the latter's joy of being able to sit next to Karasuma who was seated next to him) under the pretense of having poor eyesight. Most students avoid that seat, since it is directly in front of the teacher. However, Nishimoto immediately recognizes the seat's advantage for his classes with Itoko Osakabe.


Nishimoto is the leader of the Ero Society, a secret organization of male students devoted to gathering data on thier female classmates. He and his family also runs a DVD shop, but is usually in the XXX section.

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