Class 2-C's Maid Cafe

After the Survival Games, Class 2-C Decides that they should do both the play and the Maid Cafe so while the Cafe team and Band Team focus and the Band Team focus on the Maid Cafe, the Play team put on Sleeping Beauty.

Characters - RolesEdit


After they got caught by the PE teacher he decided for them to do both the play and the cafe. During the play, after Harima had just complete his 200 pages he fell asleep on the Princesses bed and waking up in the play by accident, there for making him the Princess for the play. Later on the play takes a turn for the worse when Eri spots Yakumo in the bed with him. The two then improvise a battle scene, were Eri gives up.Just as Yakumo goes for the kiss, Akira steals it acting as the spy lady. Later on she offers it to Eri, but Eri blushes and refuses. Later on Eri asks Yakumo to dance to make up for being so rude during the play and the Play ends.