Ami Koshimizu (小清水 亜美, born February 15, 1986) is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Axl One management. She was born in Kokubunji, Tokyo. She was previously represented by Production Baobab until 2011. In 2007, she was awarded Best Actress in a supporting role at the 1st Seiyu Awards for her role as Kallen Stadtfeld in Code Geass. In 2014, she visited Anime Expo as a guest of honor to promote Kill la Kill as starring character Matoi Ryuko.

Notable rolesEdit


  • Kallen Stadtfeld in Code Geass
  • Nadja Applefield in Ashita no Nadja
  • Leonmitchelli Galette Des Rois in Dog Days
  • Hoshino Yumi in KimiKiss: Pure Rouge
  • Hasegawa Takuto in Magician's Academy
  • Yatsushiro Nanaka in Myself ; Yourself
  • Noihara Himari in Omamori Himari
  • Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Haramura Nodoka in Saki
  • Holo in Spice and Wolf
  • Hojo Hibiki (Cure Melody) in Suite PreCure
  • Matoi Ryuko in Kill la Kill

Video gamesEdit

  • Agnès Oblige in Bravely Default
  • Ibuki Mioda in Danganronpa
  • Mai Shiranui in The King of Fighters XIII
  • Mist in Rune Factory
  • Rimurisu in Tears to Tiara
  • Rinka in the Atelier series
  • Roza Ushiromiya in Umineko: When They Cry
  • Tsuruhime in Sengoku Basara
  • Amagi Yukiko in Persona 4.
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